Tuesday, 12 January 2010

New year's Resolution Complete...check

Well it looks to me like the "get cyber savvy, link your blog and Facebook pages, get going on Twitter and get blogging" Resolution gets a big fat tick from me!!! And we're only 12 days in to the year. Get me! Sooo imppressed.
Oooo, does this mean that my "stop procrastinating and just ruddy do it" Resolution is on it's way to be ticked too? How exciting.
Blimey it's quarter to one and I've STILL not made it into my studio to 'create' (this year in fact :-O ). Plenty of tidying and cleaning has been done (lots of lovely project sheets up and written on, plus marketing trackers and inspiration sections) but nack all creating. Hey ho, at least I've got the admin side of things fettled and now I can create at will.
I'm off now to make that steaming cup of builders tea and head on up there for a couple of hours before I go collect Gorgeous George from school.
TTFN and happy Tuesday to you all

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