Monday, 31 January 2011

website sneaky peek...

reviews and comments welcomed and needed!

this is my design of my new website (not yet up and running) so, I'd love to know what you think of it...
Is it clear, fussy, does the colour scheme work? What do you think of the page layouts?

Home page...

About us...
shop page...

children's canvases page...

thanks for looking!
PS Please be kind/constructive though...I am rubbish at taking criticism so this is a big step for me ;)

Saturday, 29 January 2011


Morning and happy weekend one and all!

Sarah here - there won't be many progress/new project shots for a while (apart from orders that I need to do) as I am taking the plunge and trying to set up a Ditsy Bird Designs website.

Woo hoo! A proper 'nest' where ALL my Ditsy Bird things can be found in ONE place...oh, happy organised bliss that will be. The three shop set up on Folksy & Etsy is starting to rattle my brain a tad - making sure both have the same items at the same prices and they're all active. One nest will = one happy Ditsy Bird and will make it much easier for my non-Etsy/Folksy shopping friends to browse my wares.

I've been twittering on about it for so long that I was starting to annoy myself so, taking my 2011 resolutions on board [and a swift & much needed kick up the jacksie from the fabulous Rework book as recommended by Jane and others on Twitter] I went and JUST DID IT!

It feels good this 'just do it' attitude - I mean, what's the worse that could happen? I waste some hours spent on the pc as at the mo I'm on a free one month trial so no monetary cost. But the upside = at least I gave it a go.

Happy day!

So, what should you be 'giving a go' but instead are procrastinating like a pro about? Stop baking, cleaning the ovens, sorting your CD's by genre and go on...just do it!


Tuesday, 25 January 2011

team gorgeous!!!

I am absolutely DELIGHTED to tell you that, Ditsy Bird Designs has now joined team gorgeous at Gift Wrapped & Gorgeous!

Here's a wee screenshot of the products I've uploaded so far...

and my 'About' page...

The whole process of joining has been an absolute pleasure - Amanda, co-founder of GWAG is a really lovely lady, whose care for her partner companies, is apparent at every step.

Amanda & Alison met over tiaras and discovered that they had a shared belief...a belief in the need to help market and promote British Designers. This belief resulted in their founding Gift Wrapped & Gorgeous in order to "provide a beautiful marketplace for them to showcase their wares to an appreciative national and international audience" [About Us, GWAG]

If my experience to date is anything to go by, I think this may be the start of something fabulous!

So come on, pop over and shop with Team Gorgeous, or maybe even join us!

Sunday, 23 January 2011


I've been working on my stock photos in Photoshop, trying to get to grips with the whole white out look.
What do you think?

I got better at it as I went along so a couple may need relooking at (after a good night's kip) but, all in all, I'm well chuffed!


I'm really enjoying working on this's so bright & cheery.
I'm not sure where the fabric hails from but, I'm fairly sure it's
inherited from Mum's old stash.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

A creative start

I don't often get onto the pc these days - [which is something I must rectify] - as I tend to catch up with all texts/emails/tweets etc. via my phone....lazy but handy

So whilst I'm sat here with a cup of tea, I thought I'd do a quick post...well, it'd be rude not to

We've been having a creative January here at home - whilst I've been adding embroidery detail to some fabric paintings, George has been busy working on his first Munny (courtesy of Santa & Fred Aldous)

I've been delighted to see how he has tackled it - taking time to work on a few designs, choosing options from each and then carefully building up the background layers on the Munny itself. I truly hope he doesn't lose interest and keeps at it - he'll be so proud of himself if he does and it'll be a real treasure to keep and use as a benchmark as his creativity grows.

I painted a few mini tote bags a few months back (using designs from my canvases)  but then had a dilemma...the quality of the bags in no way matched the effort I'd put in with the painting = an unsaleable item. Argh!

Then I had an epiphany at the beginning of the week and started to love them up with some embroidery and I plan to do a few other stitchery wonders to them and create framed pictures.
I'm going to take my time though and try and get them just right.

Meanwhile, whilst Mr Munny was drying, Georgie Boy set off in a totally new direction and started creating some cracking little collages! I love, love, love this monkey and his pal!
I told him all about Lu's success with her collages in the past, so now he has a new found respect for all things well as for Lu and her wonderful creations!

I hope you're January has been fun and creative!