Thursday, 9 July 2009

Hello and I hope you are enjoying July and a smidge of sunshine & warmth!

I've been working on an order - I'm currently doing a Stars name canvas in a vibrant red with a light cream contrast - and it's looking good so far. Here's an example of a previous Stars...

I've also been working on some more "grown up" designs that could be used as they are or with names/dates on to commemorate a special date such as a wedding - thus far I seem to be going in the flower direction but that may change...

The sunflower isn't quite finished but the pics give and idea of how it will look

This is a design I did as a gift for a friend's wedding...the buttonholes were all hot pink gerberas! I made a matching Wedding Day card from a print of the canvas onto vellum, which was then stitched onto a textured, square, cream card.

There is a fabulous article on Etsy about one of the team's own wedding - some cracking ideas for handmade, bespoke bit and pieces...see here. All the colours and ideas are totally inspirational - makes you want to rush off and make something! :-)


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