Friday, 22 October 2010


...cutting out designs to go on Christmas and birthday cards today,
whilst listening to The Sorcerer's Secret on my iPhone. Whatever you
are doing this fine Friday, I hope you're having fun!

Saturday, 2 October 2010


I know we've only just rolled into October and that most people are just beginning to embrace all that is Autumn, including me! But, when doing seasonal designs and creations, time and timing are the biggest factors and, I was determined to get on top of Christmas this year having by-passed it totally last year (from a Ditsy Bird point of view, that is)

I had a few designs from 2009 that had been drawn and traced but I hadn't found the time to watercolour/scan/digitally colour these were top of the To Do list.

The pear tree and snowman designs turned out perfectly and have made it to the Ditsy Bird Draws Etsy nest, a couple of others sadly didn't...but, you never know, fresh eyes and a little tweaking next year and they may make the flock!

Whilst at work one day (there is something about accounting that fires up the creative side of my brain with a fierce heat!) I came up with a couple of pages of new 'circle' designs, including Mr. Robin here - such a chirpy chap!

I hadn't planned on doing new design but hey, when the mood takes me, I've learned to embrace it and go with the flow. I really love these new designs and have a couple more, non seasonal ones still up my sleeve (or on my hard drive awaiting some colour!).

Part of the joy of putting these new cards together has been the discovery of Glaze 3D pens - I am incapable of printing designs and leaving them alone. I nearly always have to tinker with them and try and jazz them up in some way or other!

Another major factor in my delight at the way they all turned out, was the use of the most gorgeous recycled card from eco-craft ltd. It just feels so, well, good! Good quality, good colour and good (better) for the, win, win!