Friday, 22 January 2010

Doormat delights...

How lovely it was to come home from work yesterday, to a package on the doormat...for little old me!

OK, fair enough, I had purchased it so the surprise wasn't that huge...but you never know just when parcels will decide to drop in so, it's still exciting to receive one, and regardless of whom the buyer may be :)

Anyhoo, said package was from the lovely Lucie at Summersville...the clever designer and screen printer of delicious fabrics.

I treated myself to Scandi in London bus red and Sweetheart in Plum...with no real plan in mind of what to do with them, just the desire to have them in my stash, "just in case".
[♥If anyone does decide to join in with me on the Pay it Forward currently running, I'm thinking, something rather special could be made with one or both of these. How could it not be?!♥]

Now, I thought I loved the London bus red when I saw it in Lucie's shop, but I LOVE the plum...plum and oatmeal! Looks great on fabric and sounds like a yummy fruit crumble pud too!!! All hot and sticky and maybe with a big dollop of custard! Yum!

Lucie also has an equally delicious looking blog with pics of her work and little updates on life in Summersville...grab a cuppa and pop on over for a nosey.

The fabric pieces haven't made it upstairs just yet...they're way too pretty to hide away in a drawer! Instead, they are laid out on my table, cheering me up with their joyful patterns and gorgeous tones as I pass by living my Friday life.

Right, on with some proper work now...

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