Thursday, 25 March 2010

A chugging and a whirring...

Well hello there and how the devil are you? Jolly good of you to pop in! Oh, that you were actually here and we could have a cuppa and share some cake or buns...another time perhaps?

Long time no blog, hey - I am a little sporadic but I do hope you'll stick with me ;)

So...over the past month, I have had 5 pretty bizarre dreams about my either being pregnant, in labour or having actually having had a baby (actually I've had many more bizarre dreams over that time but only 5 about wee nippers...but that is an entirely different story =] ). 

Number one was more than a little odd, leaving me feeling a smidge out of sorts, but I just put it down to watching dodgy films and TV shows the night before. After number two I did have little chuckle...'two in two weeks, what are the chances?!?'. By number four though, I admit that I was starting to wonder just what was going on with my head!

But last night was the "OK, enough of that now" tipping point so...this morning, the first thing I did (even before sticking the kettle on - shock horror!) was to Google 'dream meanings'.

Imagine my utter relief (and mini "whoop") when I discovered that dreams relating to pregnancy and birth are linked to creativity - be it a spurt or a creative growth, it's all down to that. And not actual babies. Big 'phew!'.

This then lead me on to do a little more thinking about my supremely dodgy sleeping of late - frequently waking up during the night, mad dreams, neck ache & back ache which then lead to headaches, [alleged] snoring (who me?), tossing & turning and a little talking thrown in for good measure. [Mum reckons I was born talking so why stop whilst your sleeping ??]

Now, I can't be entirely certain as I'm only going on this particular bout of naff sleeping, seems to me that, there is a link between my creative ebb & flow and my restfulness at night - the more creative I am, the worse I sleep.

I can kind of understand this - in my head* there is a strange kind of logic to it. [*Please note I did say 'my head' - no need to be concerned about yours :) ]

Surely if you're feeling all creative, then your mind is dreaming up new wonders to make and new methods of doing so. Therefore, said brain must going at ten to the dozen, chugging and whirring away and churning out these delights in glorious technicolour for your mind's eye to then convey to your hands to make :) so if this is the case during the day, what's to stop your brain from continuing at it's furiously creative pace, whilst your asleep? Thus creating bizarre and sometimes wonderful dreamscapes?

For me, my creativity/mojo or muse does have a real ebb & flow character to it - it's either full throttle or stalled! Fact. Which is good, because during the 'stall' times, it gives me time to catch up on all the scribblings I've made during the 'full throttle' stage and actually turn them into something useful. Hopefully.

So, lovely readers, my questions to you are these - do you suffer from similar traits? Is this the curse/blessing of the creative (be it with clay, cloth, paper, food, timber or paint) - the ebb & flow and the maddeningly creative spurts? and, do you too have the occasionally mental dream? (please say yes to this one, regardless of your actual answer as it will make me feel SO much better about my sanity!)

Cheerio for now!

PS the photos are of the results of my creative spurt :)