Friday, 6 November 2015

Seeing things

I see things - creatures and faces mostly - in every day items, and thought I'd start sharing them to see if you can see them too :)

To kick it off, here is the panda that I found hiding in my ciabatta roll back in September. As you do. Well, as I do...regularly it seems.

can you see him? his twin brother is on the other side but is covered in mayo, the poor fella 
my sketched interpretation of him
and finally...a side-by-side comparison - introducing Ciabi ("chabby") the panda ❤︎
Ha, so there you go...a bit of randomness to brighten your day (and possible make you question my sanity).

Cheerio for now!

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

A place for your cuppa - hand painted coasters

I love wandering around the homewares section of shops, to see if there is anything I can find, that would be suitable for the Ditsy treatment.

Recently, I spotted some natural cork coasters and placemats in Boyes, so took some home to play with. 

My idea worked so well, that after testing one coaster with my own cuppas over the course of a few weeks, I'm happy to say that I now have some very unique, hand painted coasters in my shop!

Here's a look at my process, and the finished items...

I painted straight onto the cork, using acrylic paint

adding the design

finished penguins and birds covered with a few coats of protective sealant

pucker up, it's nearly mistletoe time!
my test subject!

I'd love to know what you think, and if you fancy one, you can get them here and can get 20% off until midnight on Sunday 8th November, by using HOHOHO20 at checkout!

Why not have a go yourself - or maybe make some as teacher gifts with your children? The only limit is your imagination ❄︎


Recent Makes


I thought I'd share some of my recent makes with you to inject a little colour into this grey, damp Autumnal Wednesday.

There has been some inking, painting and stitching going on in these parts...and a lot of it with a very specific seasonal theme!

My mum has been recovering from a hip replacement, and has also been feeling the effects of her illness - so October was given over to visiting her in hospital, and having her stay with us for three weeks. Not a lot of time was free for Ditsying, but we've had some fab quality time with Mum! She's now having some excellent care and rehabilitation at our local Sue Ryder hospice, so I've been lucky enough to be able to spend the past two days painting...just for the fun of it. Oh what a much needed joy that has been!!! I'm feeling much less twitchy and twisty (I needed my fix) and something I wanted to try is working out just dandy. 

Eventually, Mum will come back here again to stay, until she is fully fit to go back home, so I'm cramming as much creative time as I can, into my days...though the late nights are already taking their toll zzzzzz ;)

This is just a quick little post, before I head back into My Room and get messy again, but I hope to be back soon. In the meantime, my Christmas shop is now open on the website (click here), and to celebrate I am offering 20% off all purchases until midnight 8th Nov, with the code HOHOHO20...just enter this when checking out!

Cheerio for now,

a little love filled commission
and the finished result
tiny Autumn leaf brooches
a pretty collection of hand drawn, jewel coloured rings
from sketch to reality - a gift for a friend
trying my hand at lino cutting again
cheery decorations in progress
a bit of upcycling fun
starting to take shape!
And now a selection of new Christmas products now in the shop, don't forget to use HOHOHO20 when you check out ❄︎