Tuesday, 3 January 2017

New Year, New Challenge

Hello, and a very happy new year to you!

I do hope you've had a wonderful festive time of it, over the holidays?
Ours was fun, quiet and relaxed...and I woke up today, raring to get back into my normal routine (with a few tweaks for the new year).

One of the tweaks, is a new monthly challenge that I have set myself.
I want to test myself creatively, and also keep practicing my digital design skills...there is loads of room for improvement so the more practice the better!

My first challenge for this year, is to create a monthly desktop calendar, that can be downloaded and used by my online friends and followers.

I realise I'm a little late for January's but that's okay.

It's also not the best effort I think I could have made - but then hindsight is often 20:20.

Unsurprisingly, it took way longer than I expected...but isn't that the way when you're trying new things? I did learn a few 'what not to dos' for next month's calendar:

1. I was happier working in Illustrator than Photoshop for this exercise
2. I really need to create the numbers and punctuation for the font I was working on, at the end of last year.
3. It's quite tricky to find a photo with the right dimensions, and good areas of interest in exactly the right places - so you've ended up with a Wintery scene overlooking the Aire Valley where we live.
4. A bit more prep time would have been a wonderful thing - I will make sure I make time for this for February's, and it might not feel quite so 'chucked together' ;)

You can download the January desktop calendar by clicking here

Have a lovely day,