Tuesday, 26 January 2010

just for me...

I read somewhere in someone's blog over the past couple of days, that it's important to do something just for fun (rather than for work/to fill an order etc)...so I did!

Here's my very own Ditsy Bird Designs hand painted canvas tote ~





She's hanging up on a light switch in my kitchen at the moment, brightening the whole place up with a dash of much needed spangly colour on this grey, grey day!

In fact, I enjoyed my 'play time' so much that, I'm thinking of doing another for one of George's friends...It's her birthday party tomorrow night so I thought maybe a big, bright, butterfly bag filled with goodies might be in order!?! ♥

Have you treated yourself lately to some self crafting, painting, sewing, baking?? If so, do share!!! :)

29/01/09 update
these are the pics of the birthday bag I made...


Thankfully, the little girl in question was pleased with her monogram tagged Dotty Bird bag :)

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