Friday, 22 January 2010


Big Ted reclining mid-shoot

Yay! I am finally on with listing the face masks I have been working so hard on...on Etsy for the moment but I'm hoping to get some onto my other shops too. I feel like I've neglected them a smidge :(

Anyhoo, back to the "yay!"

These were the first batch that I started in October last year...and I was soooo chuffed with them! After a few trying on sessions with George, the odd tweak or two have been implemented (eye hole placements and my aliens now have dangly tongues, at George's suggestion).

Bleuhhhh!!!! Cool huh?!

So far, I've managed to sort the photos and listing blurb for Owl and Red Alien but there are more to come!!!


Green alien

Now, you may have noticed the presence of a modelling bear..? Let me explain...
When the first batch of mask pals was complete, George was properly excited (I mean properly, 'boinging up and down on his knees' giddy) and declared that, were I to need pics of them for my shops, he would model for me! "I'd even wear the butterfly" he declared, head bowed...if that's not love and support, then I'm jiggered if I know what is!

Whilst his offer of help was heart burstingly fablious, I had a think about it and came to the conclusion that, the novelty of helping Mum out would soon wear off.
[Enter Stage Right: Big Ted] and that is how I have a modelling bear. Though he has his problems with pink and spangly too, as you will see as my listings continue!!! ;) He is quite vocal and fancies himself as a bit of a comedian.

Pink elephant


So there you have news for this Friday!
Hope yours is going well and you're all ready for the weekend.
Have a good one!

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