Monday, 3 August 2015

Summer time in London


Friday last, George and I were up bright and early, to catch the 10.15am train from Leeds to London.

During the week, Paul (my partner and super-semi-step* dad to George) works down in Farnborough. So when the holidays allow us, we occasionally travel down to meet him in the big smoke, to have a fun weekend exploring...and also to save him the arduous commute back home to North Yorkshire.

We try and stay in different areas each time, and this weekend we were based in the Waterloo district (at another Premiere Inn, because we do get the best night's sleep in their beds), as I had a real desire to visit the South Bank area.

It didn't disappoint!

We saw the hilarious Scotch and Soda show in the London Wonderground Festival Spiegeltent, next to the South Bank Centre - acrobats, bike tricks, strange men in wooden clogs, all to incredible music by the Crusty Suitcase Band.

We had another hilarious outing, quite by accident, thanks to a member of the boat crew giving us a free guided tour, on the river cruise we took down to Greenwich.

Over the course of the weekend, we walked miles; the sun shone; we laughed; we ate amazing steaks and watched George desperately try to climb the lions in Trafalgar Square; we wandered South Bank and took in all the sights, sounds and smells; stumbled on a cool little exhibition about youth culture throughout the ages and the world; and generally remembered how good it is, to be of our happy little trio.

Here are some photos of our visit...

oh how I would LOVE this funny little structure as a Ditsy den at the bottom of my garden - I'd also need a garden ;)

discussing external lifts - P explaining, and G equal halves horror and awe struck
this dress 
epic photo bombing
urban jungle
queuing for the Spiegeltent
welcome to the Wonderground

my lovely little family ♥︎
my photo taking compadre

 Gloriana, the royal barge
who doesn't want a column growing out of their head?
spectral being encountered at Central St. Martin's


*semi because we're not married and super because he is