Saturday, 16 January 2010

Inspired by a child...

My son, George, was watching the telly a while back, when he suddenly stopped playing, turned to the TV and declared "I care!".

An advert about a child having to do things an adult would normally be responsible for, and having no childhood to speak of, was being documented with the catch phrase "who cares if...".

Well the advert worked and George was sucked in and has since been desperate to help...and not just children! He would like to donate to the Dog's Trust, sponsor a child and adopt a tiger, to name but a few of his 'giving' wishes.

George then started coming up with ideas of how he could help...drawing pictures to sell like Mummy, giving up his pocket money and so on.

When George's step mum was pregnant, he drew two bears...Cuddle Me! teddy and Hug Me! bear - I took the deisgns, traced them onto canvases and painted them...Cuddle Me! in pinks and Hug Me! in blues.That way, whichever 'flavour' the baby turned out to be, it's big brother could give it a painting designed by him :).

On the most recent occasion of a charity conversation with George, we came up with a plan:
1) I would list both Cuddle Me! and Hug Me! on my webshops on Etsy, Coriandr and Folksy, and would donate the profits of any sale of these two designs to the NSPCC.
2) for Christmas 2010, George would design a Christmas card and then we'd make a chunk of them and they too would get listed to sell.

Well, it's a little too early to be thinking about Christmas 2010 (!) so we've tackled the first idea...and here they are - both bears are now for sale in my little web shops

Thanks for reading and here's to George and his plans!

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