Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Flickr group picks

Whilst browsing Flickr yesterday, I came across these delights posted within the groups I'm a member of and thought I'd share the joy...

Valentine's pouch by listen to the birds sing found on the Craft Blog UK group stream

Silver elephant brooch by The Beauty is in the Detail found on UK Handmade Magazine group pool

Lavendar by Cristina Papacu from the Cuteable group pool*

Beano stickers by Swirlyarts on the We Love Folksy.com pool

Green Hare Pincushion Ring by Wychbury from the Craft Soup pool

*if you've yet to discover Cuteable, then please, allow me to introduce you...click here for loveliness


Monday, 20 February 2012

Clear the cobwebs


So half term hols are over, boyo is back at school, the mister is back to work and I'm back to painting today.  But whilst the paintings dry, I thought I'd show you some photos from our walk with friends last week. We were having one of those "I NEED to get out of the house" moments, so arranged to meet a good friend and her children in Malham (we are very lucky to live on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales) to do a circuit walk...taking in Janet's Foss and Gordale Scar.  Both are very beautiful but in such different ways. It was an overcast day which rapidly turned into a drizzly and very blustery day (I had the most special blow-over hair do [like a comb over only purely down to the wind plastering damp hair against my head] at the end of the walk but we certainly blew away the cobwebs :)

posing in the car park

the view over a drystone wall

the wall

looking skyward

very pretty but it looks seriously chilly in there *brrr*

close of the rock on our way to Janet's Foss...can you see the face in the rock behind?

Georgie takes the middle road & very pleased with himself he is too ;)

nearly there...that waterfall up ahead is Janet's Foss

here it is in all it's glory

Georgie goes in for a closer inspection


the intrepid explorers head off to the waterfall at Gordale Scar...you can actually climb it!

in all it's twin waterfall glory...a truly majestic sight

this gorgeous fella was munching his lunch as we passed but he stopped to get a good look at us


Sunday, 12 February 2012


How's your weekend been? What have you been up to?

This weekend was George's weekend to go to his dads so Mr Bird and I made the most of grown up/no child time.

herbs in a planter in the garden...using iPhone apps

Yesterday involved a delicious ladies-what-lunch meal at the Copper Dragon Bistro...it's Mum's birthday on Monday (the big SIX FIVE & I'm sure she'll be delighted about me sharing that hahaha) as well as cousin Jo's birthday on the 20th. Not wanting to waste an opportunity, we Center Parcs* gals all got together for chats and food, pressie giving and celebrating. As usual, the food was totally perfect...there were so many oohs and ahhhs over the desserts, is was almost obscene!

some of the Center Parc lovelies

Back home, rugby watching, reading the papers on the sofa and then a bit of gentle persuasion (a swift kick) and the Mister and I set off out in the cold for a brisk walk to the train station. A short train ride & another brisk walk later and we were in The Narrow Boat in Skipton for some oh so tasty Mary Jane ale. Yum. A couple more in the Woolly Sheep in an ever so cosy corner, and we were ready for fodder. Cue a very tasty curry in Mastabs with great service & we were home & snooze bound. Perfect.

our cosy corner in The Woolly Sheep

Today has seen the longest lie in ever, a pampering bubble bath, playing about with iPhone photo apps, reading the Sunday mags, scoffing a Subway butty that Mr Bird brought home for me (thank you fella!) and some quality (and why? free) time up in my studio/work room.

A bit of painting and a super cheesy film were the perfect thing for this Sunday afternoon...Battle: Los Angeles (yes really) and a Puddle Jumping door plaque later and here I am, typing up my ramblings before I head downstairs for more food, a glass of wine and (hopefully) The Lincoln Lawyer & a sofa snuggle.

I hope your weekend has been exactly as you hoped it would be!

*every year, I go to Center Parcs with 7 other female rellies for a weekend of bubbly, bubbles (hot tub), catching up, chilling out and general stupidity...bloody brilliant!

Friday, 10 February 2012


Some days I walk into my little workroom, plonk down my cuppa, pull up a chair, switch on the laptop and then stop. And think "why?".

   am I sitting here alone?
   do I spend my time making things & photographing & listing & promoting?
   am I not reading my book, or a magazine or watching the telly?
   am I using up all of this time in the vain hope that my products will sell?
   am I not out walking in the countryside?
   am I not cracking on with household jobs & chores?
   am I not meeting up with a friend for coffee?
   am I sat here wondering why?

Away from my room I make great plans - I schedule time for emails/making orders/designing/researching/editing photos/listing/promoting. I draw up timetables and print them out. I scribble down flashes of inspiration on scrap paper. I get all jazzed up with enthusiasm and write copious notes and plans and ideas in my notebook.

And then I walk in here and this happens. All impetus abandons me...all my "yes, this is what I should be doing" goes *poof*...and all of my plans just seem kind of silly.

SO the question is...why am I unable to maintain the motivation and the excitement, and how do I rectify it?

To be continued...