Tuesday, 1 May 2012

and relax

I have had a truly lovely day today, thanks to my mum and (part of) her birthday gift to me in March.

We both went to the Inside Spa at the Pendle Wavelengths leisure centre in Nelson, Lancashire for a Spa Experience.

After arriving, having a quick drink and signing the usual health and safety form, we grabbed our fluffy robes and towels and headed off to find the changing rooms. Swimming costumes on and it was spa time!

Two* blissful hours spent luxuriating in four different heat rooms:
• Aromatherapy With Essential Oils - quite warm and with a menthol vapour in the air, this started to increase our body temperatures and certainly cleared our airways! I confess I was a bit of a grumpy cow on arrival but, 10 minutes in here and I was relaxed and grump free. Result.
• Sanarium - slightly cooler than a standard sauna and with humidity..I loved this one and it warmed me to my bones.
• Salt Inhalation Steam Room - much hotter and more humid (obviously).
• Sauna - hotter still...I didn't actually make it into here as I'm not a big fan of 'super hot'...it doesn't go well with my colouring you know ;)

There were also Reflexology Footbaths - I so very nearly nodded off here! It's a good thing the bubbles are on a timer or I'd have been a-snoring ;) - Monsoon Showers (hot or cold), a Hydrotherapy Pool, an Ice Fountain and unlimited cold water to sup as we made our way round the spa.

*It's funny, when we first arrived, I couldn't see how we were going to fill the time but after an hour and a half we were so hot, relaxed and blissed-out that we headed for the showers.

The other side effect of the relaxing rooms was a raging hunger, despite having had breakfast before leaving home. Dry and dressed, we headed for our new favourite haunt, Cafe Cargo at Foulridge Wharfe for a bacon butty (Mum) and a Cajun chicken baguette (me) with a good kick to it, and a little more chatting. *happy sigh*

See...a truly, lovely day indeed!

In fact, so lovely that we have pledged to return soon...it's good for the soul don't you know and at mere £13 each, it would be rude not to.

I hope your Tuesday has treated you well.