Friday, 24 May 2013

My week in pics


So we've reached Friday again and we have the extra treat of a bank holiday to look forward to...the weather forecast is actually looking hopeful, too, which makes a refreshing change! It has been positively chilly and blustery up North today...roll on sofa, fire & movie time tonight so I can hunker down under my blanket and get warm for the first time today.

It's been a funny week...Paul has had his second week in his new job after a (shocking) three month gap between contracts. This is a major deal for the chap who has worked (& worked away) for the best part of 28 years. Trust me when I say that, the three months were a trying time all round...but also a lesson in appreciating in what you have & the strength you have within you - to adapt, persevere & prevail.

So, not having Paul around is still relatively new, and then we add in to the mix the fact that George had his first residential trip with school! Two nights in York sans parentals...a fab time was had by all judging by this afternoon's presentation in assembly :) Monday morning, 9:05 and I was totally alone and it would stay that way until 3:40pm on Wednesday. I was a little lost to say the least. Answer? Kidnap Mum for a tearoom visit to sup, scoff and peruse the artworks and products they stock there. Cracking answer, that one.

As my son departed for the train, it became apparent that he'd packed my arty mojo in his case too! I was unable to doodle! Oh the horror.
{I can confirm that said mojo returned with child...thank goodness}

So, yeah funny week.

But both chaps are back in the Birdhouse tonight so all is right with the world - it's an evening of tasty food, cuddles and watching The Hobbit again for us. And doodling. Obviously ;)

Here are a few pics from the week that was...

Have a lovely weekend!