Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Return of the mojo...

...and a little 'non-nursery-aged' doodling to boot!

I stayed up a bit late last night...1am...which is actually, really very late for me! But there was a reason for it - or a couple of reasons. Firstly, I just wasn't in 'sleeping' mode - tired but not yet snoozy if you get my meaning. Secondly, I really longed to doodle and draw and come up with something new and non-nursery/kid's bedroom related!

So, I flicked through magazines - this is my tried and tested method of kicking my creativity up the jacksy! - whilst catching up on a huuuuge backlog of Flashforward episodes, and supping Riesling. All in all a jolly lovely evening!

But said evening was made so much better when my pencil actually started making marks on paper *woohoo!!!*. Granted, said marks were, in the first instance, a baby dragon *pah* (not that I don't love little Pfoo but it wasn't what I was striving for last night) but...they progressed into a couple of little drawings/doodles that I really rather like!

Here's Pfoo...he's only a nipper so his fire isn't fully stoked yet and tends to turn into wind and puff :)

I like the lollipop type flowers on this one...

As for the funghi on this one, NO idea where that thought sprang from!

Then, yesterday, thoroughly inspired by Lucie's fabulous achievements on Photoshop, I decided to give it a go. Still very, very early stages (as in, clicking colours as G sat on my knee :] ) but it's bright and cheery and pleases me...

I'm feeling a bit more hopeful about maybe, hopefully, someday being able to do/design something of worth with Photoshop...the program I yearned for, for a decade and now own & am clueless as to what to do with it. Who knows, I may finally be able to revamp my Ditsy Bird Design title bar into something whizzerooish?!?! Makes me chuckle :)

thanks for stopping by