Thursday, 10 April 2008

So, I'm finally entering the world of blogging. Clever old me, huh. It's not like I'm late to catch on or anything! =)
I'm having a website built so that I can finally try and make a go of my crafting. I can't go around with the motto "there's nothing worse than wasted talent" and then not do anything with mine, however meagre it may be. ;-)
So, here I am. Jonny is busy building and creating and I'm busy planning...World Domination? Maybe not. But I am keen to make a real go of this. Not in a brand-new-career, feature-in-a-magazine kind of way. But a little extra pocket money wouldn't go a miss! Plus, I love messing about with paints and fabrics and beads and cards so I may as well try and sell my efforts.
The website is initially just going to feature my children's canvasses but, I would like to add other items at a later date - Oh but then I worry that I may have missed the "kiddy canvas" boat - Hey ho. I've shown them to friends and they seem to like and are always encouraging me to do something with my creations so...
Anyhoo...the reason I'm here. It's because during my surfing of craft sites and all things handmade and commercially viable, it seems that a blog is the thing to do.
I can see the benefits. It's a great way of noting all your plans and work in progress and being able to access them at a later date, without having to root around trying to find scribbled notes and lists (and lists and lists and...). Plus, if anyone actually reads it, advice, tips and criticism would be really rather useful. Who couldn't use a little road-testing of their ideas???? Now I'm not great at criticism (woohoo - there's an understatement! =>) but I know I need it. It's not good just going on your own instincts all the time. Breath of fresh air, new pair of eyes and all that.
Well, it's late and work is gonna be a long one tomorrow so...