Monday, 25 April 2016

Hitting those goals


It was very cloudy early doors, but the sun was trying valiantly to break through the cloud cover...

shine you beauty!
I feel a little like this morning's sun at the moment - fighting through the clouds (my doubts, blues, uncertainty) by setting myself goals to aim for - simple, small and completely achievable goals, to get me on track to where I want to be.
the smaller heart - just needs a little tidy up, and then it will be ready for it's close up!

Last week, the goal was to make a start on some larger, hand drawn pieces...and to get them finished! Not just the creating of them, but the whole shebang - drawing, sealing, photographing, listing and promoting.
the beginning stages
 It seems a simple thing to do, but in all honestly, my task completion rate is pretty poor at the moment. I NEED to see a couple of products right through to the 'make them available to buy' stage.

I'm continuing with this same goal this week, and have one heart wall hanging nearly complete, and another well on it's way...
adding the details - choosing what to draw where - the best bit! 
The plan is, that by posting my intentions here, I have an even stronger reason to follow this through to fruition, and hit that goal!

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Do you have trouble hitting your goals, or setting them and then keeping the desire to complete them?

cheers for now,

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