Saturday, 16 April 2016

Daily(ish) Drawing


Here are a few photos of recent daily(ish) drawings, that have been posted to my Instagram feed - I say (ish) because daily really isn't happening.

Life got in the way before the Easter holidays, and since then I've got out of the habit of sofa doodling on an evening...just way too tired..and my mojo is still on it's jollies I think!

I'll get going again once other jobs are out of the way, and there's a little more time in my head and life.

I do miss it, as I enjoyed the constant and consistent creativity, so I will be working hard to get back into the rhythm of daily drawing.

Spot the button themed drawings? They were fun! I may go back to this at some point, and create some mini original art on the same theme.

☞ To see all my daily(ish) drawings in one place, simply search under the #dbd2016dailydrawing hashtag, on Instagram.

Have you taken on a challenge for 2016, creative or otherwise? Are you managing to stick to it, or do find that there are times where you simply have to roll with it, and take a break?

Cheers for now

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