Tuesday, 11 September 2012



so what's everyone up to today...jobs? office? creating (if so...what?)? plotting?

my day so far has gone a bit like this...

wet through and chilly after getting caught in the rain on the walk to school

thinking that wellies are a darned good idea in this weather! [though maybe not when filled with plants]

taking Henry for a stroll around the house...see, he likes it!

being knocked sideways by sudden and glorious sunshine, flooding in through the windows

rushing to the window to take a look before it vanishes again [til March?]

cracking back on with filling up my Etsy shops
[quick question - do those of you who work in various media - eg, stitch, paint, pen - keep everything in one shop or split them out? I currently have three shops, one for painted items, one for stitched and one for drawn...Ditsybird, Ditsybirdsews and Ditsybirddraws. I'm now wondering whether to put them back under one roof but worry that it will look a little chaotic and very full...any thoughts lovelies?]

•••things went slightly awry at this point as school called to say G had been sick...cue dashing to car (so he didn't have to walk back home in the rain feeling all rubbish like and sore tummied); collecting of boy; getting him home; him deciding to do his homework (I know, me too!); phoning work to arrange working from home for 2 days (48 hr rule - great if it's a bug - not so if he's pulled his tum and run too soon after eating); rearranging the car service booked for tomorrow; popping back up here to finish this; heading down to make a coffee and finally, coming back up again to continue with the Etsy fillin.

I hope you're having a fun Tuesday!


PS three posts in three days...one, two three, faint! hehe


  1. I keep everything in one shop (except vintage and supplies but that is a very different thing!) I just make very good use of the sections :) When I'm browsing and looking for things for Cuteable I do like to look through the sections at different types of items but that is just me! And a full shop is always a good thing!

    1. Hi Lynsey!
      I still can't decide so I think I'll let my listings run their course (otherwise I will have paid for them only to cancel them) and then have another think. I also worry about losing followers/favourites.
      Hmmm. One to ponder some more I think!
      Oooh lots of 'think's in that one ;)