Monday, 10 September 2012

Monster doodle


So on Saturday morning, inspired by an online course I'd signed up to, I decided to drag out one of my old doodle designs - one that I used to do know, whilst waiting for reports to run at work, hanging on the phone waiting to be connected etc...

It wasn't until I'd started it, that I realised the size of the task I'd embarked on as, in typical Ditsy style, I'd only gone and picked my largest (A4) sketchbook to work in, and my most complex doodle.

It took a quite a while to complete over the course of the day ~ with breaks to get on with jobs and enjoy trips out ~ and I considered bailing on a few creaky-wristed occasions.

I am chuffed that I stuck with it as it looks brill* completed and you don't get a sense of the intricacy when it's only part way through. If only I could find an actual commercial use for it ;)

Due to RSI issues with my right arm & wrist, I hadn't done any serious spend-yonks-working-intensely-on-one-design doodling or drawing of any kind, and had forgotten just how therapeutic it is. My mind cantered then wandered and eventually it pretty much settled into a gentle idle, once I'd got into the groove of repetitive action.

I'd highly recommend it as a form of relaxation, if you're that way inclined.

So, do you doodle and, if so, how often? (<- I now have some vague Pet Shop Boys lyrics in my head "which do you choose, the hard or soft option"?!?!?)


*in my humble opinion only

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