Saturday, 8 September 2012

A Makers' fair and some doodling

A good Saturday morning to you all!

a promising start

So far my day is going swimmingly and I intend to work very hard at making that continue ;)

I had a monster headache yesterday that resulted in a monster migraine in the evening - which was, quite frankly, badly timed for I had the whole evening to myself and had planned on doing some making of some sort. Instead I read blogs, The Simple Things mag (so very very good - the first magazine in yonks that I have read, I mean actually read and not just oohed at the lovely pictures). Where was I?

Oh yes...blogs, mags and then I signed up for an Alisa Burke online class*...Doodle Delight...took some co-codamol (really there was no other choice other than sitting weeping quietly in a darkened room) and went to bed.

[*this sounds like I just thought yeah I'll do that and did it, dead rash like and everything - actually I've been umming and ahhing for at least a year about whether to take one, and which one I'd choose]

This morning, whilst I have a lingering *hummmm* at the top of my noggin, the migraine has gone! Hurrah!

So up I got at 8.30 (very early for me on a weekend...I do love my lie-ins), switched on the laptop, made a brew and then looked at my emails - the class links were all still my stupidly over excited heart!


I have since spent the morning 'studying', doodling, supping tea and generally feeling quite wonderful.

And better still - this afternoon (once my boy is back from his pa's) I'm off to the Saltaire Makers' Fair to lots of lovely and terribly creative pals on their stalls, and hopefully chat and get started on the Christmas shopping....I know, I know, but realistically there aint a whole lot of pay days left between here and there and a girl must spread the cost.

this is the kind of studying I like!

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!


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