Tuesday, 24 January 2012


it's been a funny old day here in the nest...it started off with a head massage* followed by a long natter with Mum -who had an appointment straight after me - and another stonking headache (result of the massage).

*due to years of abuse of my neck and shoulders...bad posture people, bad posture...I'm in a painful, stiff and creaky way at the moment. A month long headache (and muchly interupted sleep) led me to book a neck & shoulder massage with my friend Sue, which I then spoke about to another friend, Anna, who happens to a truly excellent osteopath. Cue appointment with Anna, an assessment and some 'deep tissue' manipulation and I have much improved movement...I can probably turn out of a junction in my motor now, without moving bodily to see in both directions. Today's massage was to keep on top of the situation and not let my muscles stiffen up too much...I will get this sorted!

Basically, I'm (you too perhaps?) terrible at looking after myself in that way. I'll happily fork out for good, healthy food, with happy chickens and organic produce here and there...I'll make sure my walk to school and back is a good old stomp to get my heart going...I'll have regular hair appointments etc but when it comes to something as simple as bad posture...tut tut tut. I sit at a keyboard and screen two days a week when in Management Accountant mode, and at a desk hunched over a drawing/some sewing etc when in Ditsy Bird mode, a slob on the sofa at the end of the night, or lounge against pillows when reading in bed = I rarely sit up straight = sooooo not good for me. I mean, Anna had to massage my front neck muscles - I didn't even know that was possible! I thought I'd got sore glands but no, sore (oh so sore) neck muscles. I know. Or rather, I didn't know.

For years I've been joking about how I could do with a full body MOT but had never actually thought about how I could go about that. You see, I've always seen massages as a bit of a luxury...more of a treat than a treatment. I now know better of course and will be having regular, preventative, ones going forward.

Hmm this wasn't intended to be a 'look after yourselves people, sit up straight, stretch and give those muscles a rub once in a while' post. But hey diddly ho ;)

Anyhoo...headache under control and finances addressed, I realised that the funds I'd hoped I'd be able to buy myself a beautiful, shiny, brand new DSLR no longer existed. Hmph.

But last night, whilst twitting on Twitter, I remembered some amazing photos a pal had posted using a special lense for his iPhone, no less! A quick chat later, and a bit of web browsing this aft on Photojojo's store, and I have ordered these and this in the hope, that they + the camera on my iPhone 4s will suffice for some fairly decent product shots...

I was sorely tempted by this but will have to see how the lenses go and perhaps invest at a later date. There are so many very cool things on the site, but I had to resist my 'by them all!!!!' urge - I will report back on how I fair with my lenses and tripod attacher doobery wotsit. Hurry post people...hurry!

That's it then really, we're right up to date and now I have to go get my delicious wee chap from Dodge Ball club.

here's a piccie of a card I made for a friends birthday...the Indian Leaf is a magnet :)



  1. I have the same problem. I went to an osteopath, but instead of paying. I went to the university where they train and got 6 free sessions. As well as treating the problem I was given some exercises and stretches to do each morning and evening to prevent it happening again. I was off work for 4 weeks with headaches until the osteopath sorted me out.

    1. wow that sounds like you had it bad Saphy!
      I'm continuing with the fortnightly treatment sessions and also have stretches to do whilst sat at work, as well as pilates exercises to strengthen my core muscles and help improve posture.
      it's definitely working! no headaches for a while now which is nothing short of amazing :)