Thursday, 5 January 2012

it's a brand new year

well hello there and how is 2012 treating you thus far?

it's alright isn't it? a bit on the damp side but hey, we'll be glad of it when the sun shines on our green and pleasant land again, no? why, yes we will.

sooo what's been occurring in the Ditsy Bird's been a busy old Christmas, and one full of ~
family & friends; epic hide n seek fests (ace, just ace!); delicious meals; 3 curries in a week (never again tho); a trip to the iMax; lots of lovely gifts made, given & received; pyjama days; twinkly lights; fun and love. Lots of love.

but now I seem have developed itchy, move-furniture-around-and-rearrange-my-nest fingers! ha
tis ace!

I've nearly finished rearranging my studio/workroom/thespareroom & it now has a work table and a laptop/photographing table. two tables. oh yeah..chickity check me out and my fancy ways ;)
this then lead on to my rearranging the study downstairs prompted by a couple of comments by crimbo visitors, saying that it was Paul's room
so I thought...why not?

it has a bureau avec desktop, a huge bookcase so that's a good start
sadly the g't wonky coat rack will have to go, as will the sweaty pongy shoes (the boys', not mine...I'm a laaaady)

so that has knocked on to my shifting (just now in fact) the bookcase on the bottom stairs, up to the very top order to make room for some space saving, sort your ruddy coats out (my name is Paul and I am a coat addict - is a there a Coats Anonymous??? hmmm) coat hooks down there - thus ridding the Man's room of outdoor attire
I stole the extra table from the study*, clearing room for a comfy armchair for said Man to sit in and be manly and aloooown and read his book (who am I kidding) iPad

sooooo, all we need now are the afore-mentioned coat hooks and a shoe cupboardy rack thing
oh, and an armchair
but there were whisperings by his pa of their getting shot of their super snug and snazzy chair

there's much hmmm-ing afoot tonight

as my lovely friend Karen put it...I think you may have dropped in on one of my meandering thoughts - I like that, it makes me happy to meander some more :) 

*this may not go down too well did have my work laptop & mega screen (which I'm looking at now in my own dandy little room) so that's a good thing that that's gone isn't it?!?! oh yes I think so

ooh this post is entirely devoid of pictures...

dada! a little example of handmade tags for pressies

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  1. A lovely New Year blog post Sarah! A move around of furniture/settings/study is a great start to the year ahead. Do we get to see piccies of said move-in-progress? you know how nosey I am!
    In a similiar frame of mind, I have started organising and refining years of paperwork/bills courtesy of the wonderful Ikea with their great array of storage boxes.
    Nina #lilbluelephant X