Thursday, 28 April 2011

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen places I'd like to go or visit:

1/ The Norfolks Broads
this is where I spent many, many happy October half terms as a child - on a boat with my ma, pa & bruv and sporting a fabulous, knitted pom pom hat
I did love Potter Heigham and it's funny little bridge
and sailing along the broads looking at the incredible houses with gardens stretching down to the boathouses on the banks

2/ The Maldives
ha - who wouldn't really?
I would love to go whilst they're all still there and would love to take George so he can swim and swim and swim and paddle and dig in the sand....ahhhhh

3/ The Yorkshire Sculpture Park
to see the Jauma Plensa exhibition before it ends in September
(I've been working on the OH and the boy, bigging it up with photos that the lovely Paula took on her recent visit)

4/ New England
in the Fall
mmm clapboard houses, beaches and autumnal leaves

5/ London Town
it's been far too long - so long that I barely remember the visit at all
I'd like to do the galleries and museums, take G to see the dinosaurs, visit the markets and generally mosey about

6/Kinsale (again)
oh how I love it there!
when I first met the OH, he was working over there and I'd (& G sometimes) go over on the plane (just a long enough journey to share a Suchard's hot choc on board), walk along the cliffs, drinks Murphy's & eat Bacon Fries in The Spaniard and listen to the tiddlyitie music or sit in the window of The Bulman with the Sunday papers. Bliss.
on my first visit, I felt like I'd come home

7/ Harewood House
considering how close I live to it, it's pretty embarrassing to admit that I haven't been since I was a child
for any of you with little ones, they're holding a children's festival this coming bank holiday weekend...Mr Tumble anyone?

8/ Northumberland
for a holiday - to walk and play on it's beaches and explore it's castles

9/ Madrid
the OH and I used to be quite keen on our city breaks
then we bought a house and G started school, making paying for them and being free to do them more difficult
we did manage to get to Paris as my 40th birthday treat, which happened to be the weekend of His birthday - it was wonderful
Madrid is one of those pins in the map in my head - somewhere I'd love to go

10/ a Baltic cruise
my friend was lucky enough to do one last year and after looking at her photos I developed a deep yearning to visit the places myself

11/ Chester
I last went there on a friend's hen weekend and I do so love the place
perfect for a mosey, a delicious meal and a stroll along the river

12/ Cornwall
more specifically St. Ives
I've been once and I loved it - such a pretty and creative place - full of inspiration
but it's SUCH a long way to drive

13/ Portugal
I've heard a few people recently, talking of holidays here and it sounds like a jolly lovely place to stay and enjoy the sunshine and their hospitality

where would love to go, right now if you had the power of teleportation
me? Kinsale right now would be pretty glorious


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