Sunday, 10 April 2011

Speedy Bird

Hello and welcome to sunny Sunday's quick post!

I found a quicker way of doing my Teapot Brooches the other night whilst working on this giveaway prize for Nina...

I decided, that whist I was doing one red & white brooch, then why not do another...

and perhaps a little green & white pot...

So I did! Rather than doing one at a time (as is my usual way) I stuck some white felt in a hoop, drew the three teapots (in fadeaway pen) and set to. As a result, my 'making' time was markedly reduced and, as a result, I'm delighted to say that my Teapot Brooch prices have been reduced!!!

You can now find a multitude of different coloured, hand beaded and hand stitched little beauties over here for a mere £15 including P&P.

Oh happy little discovery :)

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