Monday, 11 April 2011

Sunny day trip

So on Saturday we decided to 'head up t'Dale' (to be read in a broad Yorkshire accent) - it was such a gorgeous day made all the more wonderful by the weather being so unexpected!

Typically, I forgot my camera so had to make do with my trusty phone but still managed to capture the essence of the day.

First stop, Yockenthwaite for paddling & splashing and general high jinx!

Followed by a hunt for a pub that was still serving food (we were late due to the aforementioned fun - a good reason to be late in my book) - this took us to the White Lion at Cray which, sadly, wasn't doing food but did do a fine pint of Golden Pippin :)
NB the menu on the chalk board looked delicious - gutted we missed the serving time!

So after a quick pint here and another paddle for George and some very picturesque stepping stones, it was back down the Dale to Kettlewell where food (& more Golden Pippin & the Grand National on the box) was sought, and found.
But not after stopping for traffic...haha!

and admiring a rather fabulous, hillside procession of sheep

All in all, a very pleasant way to spend a sunny, Sunday in April


  1. Yockenthwaite !!! A fabulous name , even if I can't quite do the accent full justice .
    With or without Golden Pippin , it looks like a perfect day out .

  2. I've turned 40 too and can do machine sewing. Well, sort of. If only I could do a broad Yorkshire accent for reading snippets I'd be in your gang.

  3. Hello SmitoniusandSonata - Yockenthwaite is a cracking name and always makes me chuckle. Thanks for reading & commenting! It's good to know someone's 'listening' :)
    Hi Mise - it's such a select little gang you know and would be happy to have you in it any time, an Irish accent is always welcome (my Nana is from Dublin originally)