Friday, 5 November 2010

Recent commissions and gifts...

I love getting commissions or having a special gift to make for someone!
Here are a couple of my recent customs.

Little Monkeys:
I had a lovely order from Etsy for two of my Monkey canvases - for a brother and sister and their newly decorated bathroom. It makes such a refreshing change when a customer changes the colours, however slightly, and adds little details - names and a bow in this case.

Beaded lovelies:
Next up was my hair-clip-loving friend's 'special' birthday and a chance for me to make something suitably glam and also something a bit kitsch - cue beaded cherries and art deco inspired designs.

(I love this picture!)

Happy birthday little man!:
Last but not least was the very first birthday of George's littlest brother, and off we go with a do over of an old design.

It's good to have a break from the norm!