Tuesday, 16 November 2010

and the beading goes on, and on...

...and on!

a huge amount of beading went into this fruity beauty!

It seems that my current beading obsession shows no sign of waning so, on I bead...and photograph...and list and hope for sales!

the brooch

Strawberries were my 'thing' at the weekend with a heavily beaded one, followed by a pared down set of hair clip & brooch, letting the red of the felt really show through.

the hair clip

Then last night is was off to a Winter Wonderland with some snowflake hair clips in various colours

Some using buttons, and some using sequins...

...but all using my current addiction - seed beads.

My teeny (3cm x 3cm) ice skate also managed to get it's close up thanks to some Autumnal sunshine this morning!

What's your current creative obsession??



  1. I really like your tinny ice skate, it does give a feeling of snow. At the moment my current obsession is buying new containers to store my many beads and findings. The big thing is continually rearranging everything into individual sections so I spend less time searching more time creating. Just finished making Christmas angel earrings.

  2. Ooh I do love tubs and boxes and a good sort out! I had one a while ago for all my made stock and it was very therapeutic and also quite an eye opener - who knew I had so much already made?!
    I'll be having a good tidy tomorrow too...in order to get to my desk really.
    Your angel earrings are very effective.