Monday, 19 April 2010

'twas the night before Tuesday...

...or Monday evening as it is more commonly known ;)
So it's an early night for me after a luverly day! Fantastic treat neck, shoulder and back massage by the very talented (and mobile) Sue- great chats with Sue & Gill whilst being pummelled - yummy, nearly healthy lunch (it included brown rice salad so that must get me some health brownie points!?!) & more chats with Gill - and...the weather managed to fair-up long enough for a brisk stomp thru the fields [& yet more chats...spotted the theme yet? ;) ].
Top that off with my mum joining us for the swim lesson jaunt and for dinner, it means I have also had company this eve! It's usually just me on the sofa after putting George to bed so that's double-company in one day!!! Yay!
So, like I said...early-night time now, so that I can get up bright & chirpy and see George off to school nice & happy. Then it's STUDIO time (spare room time doesn't have quite the same ring, I feel) for me from 9.10 til 3.20!!!! Granted I may stop for tea, toilet & lunch breaks but you catch my drift ;)
It feels like yonks, yes yonks!, since I was absorbed in a jolly good painting session and I am very much looking forward to it!
So that's it from me for tonight but I'll be back soon with some Ditsy Bird makes updates, quick 'look what landed on my doormat' posts about recent (gorgeous) purchases and other such ramblings.
But for now...sweet dreams one and all
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