Tuesday, 20 April 2010

I want to ride my bicycle...

I've got a new bike! At least, new to me...
I've been fancying one for a while, you know...just to pop to the
village shop on or, to accompany George on as he cycles or scooters to
the park. With the recent lighter evenings, fairer weekends and Summer
drawing nearer, my desire had grown. And then, last night, after I'd
posted my blog & bid Twitter a goodnight, I quickly checked my emails,
as I do. And there it was...an 'offer' on Freegle (Skipton's version
of Freecycle...ha! How apt!) of a foldaway bike in Settle! I whisked
off a reply declaring my want and went to sleep with fingers crossed.
I have to confess that, when I awoke this morning, the bike had
totally slipped my mind. So delighted was I that I had a whole studio
day ahead of me. So, imagine my delight when, as George crunched his
cereal & my tea mashed in my mug, I checked my emails to find that it
was mine! All mine! And here she is (for there can be no doubt that
the bicycle is, in fact, a she and may in fact be called Dolly!) in
all her glory after arriving home with me tonight. Happy!!!!


  1. Nice! Bikes are great, and yours is even greater because it was free!

  2. What a great find. Free is always good. Kx

  3. It sure is and for sone reason, makes it more special! x