Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Scarecrows and stalls...

Hello folks and how are you?
I'm nice and busy at the moment - the commission noted in my last post
&...I have a table/stall at our village's annual Scarecrow Festival
next weekend. Eek!
So I'm trying to finish off work in progress (see the cupcake in a
hoop pic below) as well at working on new items (tshirts & bags) and
building up some canvas stock.
I've been a bit more organised than for my last outing at Christmas
(blushing at the memory of the chaos that was supposed to be a stall!)
and have ordered a greeting card display unit too!
Fingers crossed, I'll have a stall to be proud of :) but regardless,
it should be a cracking weekend! The scarecrows should be out from
Saturday but Monday is the main event ~ duck races, tearoom in the
institute & a little 'market' of stallholders like myself!
Cononley Scarecrow Festival 2010 [scarecrows around the world] 1st-3rd
May...come along & have a look :)

11/05/10 Update...
The fair was a blast - seriously! The sun shone and people flocked to the villahe to see all the scarecrows - it was a really lovely old day.

Here's our entry...

and Yeti in all his glory, amid the snowflakes ;)

and here's my stall...

[oops - didn't realise the table cover was wonky til now :/]

Plenty of folk stopped by and said hello and some purchased and others ordered - which was utterly fabulous! The new range of T-shirts that Mum & I had been working on went down very well, so a new batch of T's have been ordered :)

All in all, a cracking day! To finish this post off nicely, here's a pic of George as the Yeti...

and for a bigger giggle...here he is dancing :)


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