Monday, 26 November 2018

After the fair, and a blooming good clear out

Well hello and how the devil are you?
My fair at Crafts in the Pen last weekend went ever so’s always great to meet and chat with customers, other creatives, and interested visitors. I had some great conversations, met some really interesting and interested people, and was lucky enough to have lots of visits from friends and family.

Two absolute nutters  travelled all the way from Wiltshire to cheer me on...four hours in the car to see me. An 8 hour round trip! Oh my heart, one of the kindest things anyone has ever done for me! And utterly, wonderfully bizarre to see them stood before me, and not on my phone screen. Incredible!! Best of all, I got to go out with them at night and chat, in person, like we usually do on IG dms...honestly, so good! Such a treat! I definitely owe them a round trip to Wiltshire sometime in the new year. I flipping love you Amanda and Helen πŸ₯°

Anyhoo, after unloading my car on the Sunday, I decided it would be a great (!?!?) idea to have a good workroom tidy up before putting all my stock and stall paraphernalia away. 

I finally managed to sit back at my desk on Saturday πŸ™ˆ only 5 days of sorting, and clearing! Lots gone to the tip, to charity, to a local community craft group...and yeah, there are always those odd bits left that are hard to find a home for but!!! I have space in my room! 

I got rid of a desk, and have given myself the gift of space both physical and head space. I’d been feeling really claustrophobic surrounded by so much Stuff, weighed down by materials I’d accumulated over the years, and felt I had to keep and not waste. Giving them away to a group I know will make great use of them, has given me a double dose of the warm fuzzies - knowing I no longer have to think about them waiting in my cupboards and drawers to be used, and knowing other people will have fun using them and creating their own projects with them.
All of that has meant that I’ve had my head down for a week, to ensure I didn’t get distracted and not finish what I’d started.

But I’m back, and my website has been given the festive touch, and my Christmas shop is now open. There are new cards and products to be added, once I’ve done the photo shoot for them this soon as they’re ready to hit the site, I’ll give all you email subscribers the heads up before letting everyone else know.

There will be a release of a limited run of hand painted tree ornaments...decorated on both sides, that I’d love to think would be kept and brought out every year. They’re made of wood, as usual...I do love to work on wood, the texture is a lovely surface to paint and draw on. The photos show my design sketches, and colour sampling as well as a bit work in progress...and my trusty dip pens, which I always turn to for the really fine details.

Right, well, enough yammering for now, I’ll beggar off and leave you to it, and keep an eye out this next week, for the release of the new pieces.
Cheerio for now

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