Sunday, 21 August 2011

Sunday night

George, my 8 year old son, decided that he would really rather like to make some money for himself by selling off his old our front garden. so, George's Marvellous Book Sale was born...
The sale went really well and, not only has he managed to pay off the cost of his new scooter helmet, he also has enough to buy some new fab and groovy grip tape! Lost? Me too! All we really need to know is that he is one happy boy and I've successfully rid the house of 2 more piles of 'stuff'. You know, 'stuff', the infection that spreads through any ordinary household filling up cupboards, drawers and shelves. I am waging war on our 'stuff' and it's starting to work - I can spot actual gaps on shelves and can even see the floor of the spare room now. Result.

What with putting all the photos of the books of Facebook for friends to view and reserve, pricing them all up, painting banners, stringing up bunting & balloons and setting up the tables with the books...oh and 3 hours in the park whilst G tackled the ramps (I wouldn't look - didn't dare)'s been a busy and full weekend.

But tonight, this lovely Sunday night, G is bed...the OH is fast alseep on the sofa due to an afternoon with pals watching I'm having a 'me' night. Heaven. I've plucked my eyebrows, filed my toenails, filed and painted my finger nails, eaten a Cornetto, caught up on Sky+'d programmes, changed the bedding (clean sheets rock my world) and now I'm messing about on my laptop. Like I said...Heaven.

Happy Sunday night folks

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  1. Your Sunday might sounds great, I could do with some me time and pampering, my eyebrows are about to meet in the middle ;)

    Very industrious of G, wonder if I can persuade my two to have an 'old' toy sale.