Friday, 12 August 2011


This little bird is one very proud, puffed-out-chest little bird - on account of having her first ever bricks and mortar stockist...oh yes.
You can now find Ditsy Bird stitchery goodness at The Stalls in Harrogate, thanks to the lovely Natasha (and she really is lovely).

photo from The Stalls, Facebook page

If this is the first you have heard of The Stalls, my friends, then you are missing a treat. I think Curator, rather than Shopkeeper would be a better way to describe what Natasha does...there is a wonderfully varied, carefully chosen array of handmade delights to be found...and in a fantastically airy space. I have visited twice and still found new products on my whirl around today, and am sure I will spot more next time. 

photo from The Stalls, Facebook page

Not only are the designers varied but so are the products...jewellery, art, greetings cards, dolls, scarves, bags, pinnies...textiles, woodwork, printed work, shrink plastic, paper goods...I could go on but instead, I'm going to let you explore for yourself. Wander around listening to the music playing in the background, and admire the work that has gone into each and every is truly a treasure trove! And better still, there's a little cafe* next door where you can sit outside and have a coffee whilst gazing at the products in the window and relishing in the purchase you have made :) 

[As Natasha deals personally with each designer/maker, she is the perfect person to chat to if you are looking for something a little bit different, or maybe something bespoke for a special occasion.]

3 Bower Street,

Opening times are:
Tues 11-5
Thurs&Fri 11-5
Sat 10:30-6

* I have yet to try this cafe but I'm hoping to give it a whirl next time...

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