Saturday, 29 January 2011


Morning and happy weekend one and all!

Sarah here - there won't be many progress/new project shots for a while (apart from orders that I need to do) as I am taking the plunge and trying to set up a Ditsy Bird Designs website.

Woo hoo! A proper 'nest' where ALL my Ditsy Bird things can be found in ONE place...oh, happy organised bliss that will be. The three shop set up on Folksy & Etsy is starting to rattle my brain a tad - making sure both have the same items at the same prices and they're all active. One nest will = one happy Ditsy Bird and will make it much easier for my non-Etsy/Folksy shopping friends to browse my wares.

I've been twittering on about it for so long that I was starting to annoy myself so, taking my 2011 resolutions on board [and a swift & much needed kick up the jacksie from the fabulous Rework book as recommended by Jane and others on Twitter] I went and JUST DID IT!

It feels good this 'just do it' attitude - I mean, what's the worse that could happen? I waste some hours spent on the pc as at the mo I'm on a free one month trial so no monetary cost. But the upside = at least I gave it a go.

Happy day!

So, what should you be 'giving a go' but instead are procrastinating like a pro about? Stop baking, cleaning the ovens, sorting your CD's by genre and go on...just do it!


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