Wednesday, 14 July 2010

the kindness of virtual friends

y son, George, has been suffering from nightmares since the onset of the warm weather. We're talking one or two a night and waking up hot at various other times.
Obviously, this is nothing new and is happening to other families around the globe but, it's all relative...and relatively speaking - we're all knackered!
The broken sleep situation has definitely taken it's toll, so I posted a silly Facebook status on Monday night...

The next morning (Tuesday) I awoke to find some helpful advice in one of the comments to this post...A very lovely lady suggested that I put a Wood Betony pillow in George's bed. I confess, at this point, I wasn't even aware that Wood Betony is a plant!
I thanked her and replied,

Ooo not heard of those...will Google & investigate. Thanks hon! Something needs to happen or he'll collapse in an overtired-tantrummy mess before the end of term! I'd have folded by now - he's showing real stamina bless's one or two a night at the mo! X
Then something simply marvellous happened, on Twitter this same person told me that she had some growing in her garden and would I like her to send me some? Would I!!!!!!
Today, a beautifully scented envelope dropped through our door, with a gorgeous card and a ready sewn Wood Betony pillow...I nearly wept! George was chuffed to bits that someone he'd never met had made it for him.

"And the helpful stranger?", I hear you cry - none other than @kateepie!

Best of all, you can buy that beautiful card and many others here from Katie's Folksy shop...I'm rather in love with the Cow Parsley one too :) There is a rather stylish website too at
Katie also has the A stitch in Time blog...why not grab yourself a glass of something and mosey on over for a read?

It has honestly made my month - a random act of kindness by a virtual friend :)



  1. That is such a lovely thing to do! I have been graced with lovely 'virtual friends' often before and it just goes to show that not all internet strangers are to be wary of! x

  2. Virtual friends can be very lovely indeed, so nice to meet like minded people from all over. Its like the days of pen friends again. Kindness is the best, hope you all enjoy your sleeps!

  3. Aww that's so nice! I love it when things like that happen :)

  4. aww thank you Sarah :-) hope it works! Katie x