Monday, 19 July 2010

Greeting cards...

Evening all!

In a previous lifetime, before I decided to concentrate on painting, I used to make cards. Well, technically, I still do, used to be my main focus...oh, and the odd set of wedding stationery and birthday invites... Actually, no, it cant be delegated to the realms of history as I very recently made the invites for my Nana's 90th birthday tea party (which was fabulous ta!).

I used the Reprodepot pattern book CD's for the matting paper as it suited the occasion perfectly - bright and cheery and fun!

Anyhoo, back on track - cards, ah yes!

Well, I have a stash of cards that I work on from time to time, and which has gradually grown with no physical outlet for them. 

So, today and this evening, I made my first stab at listing some of them in my Folksy shop.

It's a pretty laborious task for such a small (physically and in monetary terms) item, but it's just sad to see them sat in the pine chest in my studio, awaiting the light of day. And some of them are quite pretty and cute and, you know, all right really.

So, slowly but surely, they will be popping up out of their little plastic wallets for a little airing, as I get them ready for their close ups.

say "cheese"

Here are a few more for you to have a peek at, whilst you finish your cuppa or glass of wine :0)



As you can see, I have no set design ethos...just whatever takes my fancy at the time ;)

PS have just remembered the enooooormous stash of Christmas cards I have, too, as well as the huge stock of card WIP I have in various tubs and boxes...this unleashing, may take some time!

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