Thursday, 2 February 2017

February Desktop Calendar

Good morning!

I realise I'm a couple of days late, but this month's desktop calendar is now ready to download...
simply click on the image below :)

Wishing you a fruitful month full of love, fun and laughter!



  1. And February is just as. Lovely. I really like your combination of photo and text. I have been playing around with some photos and adding blocks of colour but I can see now that adding text will make a difference. Thank goodness for Internet tutorials, though mine won't be as pretty as yours, I am sure.

    1. Hi Joanna! Thanks for your lovely comment!
      I actually did the lettering in my sketchbook, and the dates on a piece of paper - which I then taped to the sketchbook page - and took a photo of it all styled up.
      I then brought that into Illustrator and added three layers with solid colour-filled rectangles...all behind the photo - a bit like a digital collage I suppose.
      And all because I'd got my cropping wrong on the original photo, and it wasn't in the right dimensions for screen ;) oops, but a good opportunity for play and learning.
      There are so many tutorials online these days, such a wealth of information and instruction! Have fun with your playing - I'd love to see some when they're done..maybe share them on IG? ♡