Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Chocolate Hangover Tuesday


Mondays are always tired days in our house - Paul is up at 5ish in order to get the train to London, to head to work for the week.

I often doze off again for an hour, but the sleep during the night is usually broken, as we toss and turn, anticipating the early alarm call.

Why is then, that it usually Monday night when I get the urge to stay up silly late?

Last night, I was supping decaf, scoffing Dairy Milk, and catching up on DCI Banks at 10:30pm.

Once the TV programme had finished, I mysteriously decided to work through the Planning workbook for How to Style Your Brand...why oh why had inspiration eluded me all evening, yet just as I should be heading upstairs to catch up on some much needed sleep, there I was on the sofa furiously scribbling away my thoughts????

Self- sabotage I call it, and I have absolutely no idea why I do it.

Today I am nursing a hefty chocolate hangover...so much dairy (not just Cadburys) has been consumed over the weekend, that it has rendered my sinuses blocked and unhappy, and left me with a stonking headache and feeling mildly nauseous. Silly Sarah. [Though the meal that Paul cooked up on Saturday evening (the Culprit) was most definitely worth it].

I've even been back to bed for a power nap this morning - I never do that!

Even more shocking is that I actually nodded off straight away. 

On the up side, I can actually concentrate now, and stand a much better chance of making it through until actual bedtime, before running for my bed!

So, self-sabotage...is it just me? Do you do it? Has anyone sussed out why we do it? Is it due to a strange sporadic masochistic desire...to trip ourselves up before we've even got going?

Who knows?!

What I DO know, is that there will be none of it tonight - tonight I will be tucked up nice and early, ready to welcome Slumber's warm and cloud like embrace.


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