Friday, 27 March 2015

Misty mornings

I love mist.
Fog too, but not the way I love mist.

The ethereal nature of it.
The way it mutes the sounds and colours of everything it enfolds.

How it drifts idly across a road, transporting you to a momentary realm of magic, as you pass through it.

The way it languishes in the bottom of a valley.

How it hugs a pocket of trees, holding them close in its damp embrace.

Mostly I love the layers it creates - muted tones of real life, in ever diminishing, ghostly hues.

There is something so compellingly otherworldly about it. Eerie even.
So dense and substantial from afar, yet so unearthly and chilling, once inside its enveloping stillness.

Misty mornings make my heart dance. Like yesterday's.

I pulled the car over on my way to work, and snapped a few pictures of the chilly world around me. Not the best on an iPhone, and not the views that I really love. But these are illusion, and can only be seen from busy roads with nowhere safe to stop and snap. 

Perhaps one day I will get up with the birds, and go capture those images before the world is up and travelling?


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