Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Paper cut bird card

I posted a photo of this in my last post but thought I'd give a teeny how to, in case anyone else fancies a do.

I was massively inspired by a beautiful paper cut bird mobile in the Made In Paper* magazine, that I bought in Durham on our Easter weekend getaway. I never seem to end up following tutorials through but, instead, poddle off down my own creative track.

I traced the basic design of a bird I'd previously doodled, onto some thick white paper. I then cut out bits n bobs that I thought may look pretty, whilst trying very hard not to tear it, and correcting any tears/whoopsies with a smidge more cutting ;)

I liked the idea of a contrasting paper behind the birdy in order to show off the cuts...this lead to my gluing said chirper to a bit of black card, then cutting around the bird shape. Then the urge to doodle was too strong so I *had* to add the white dots in the gaps - I know, I need to control these urges but hey, I like the little dotty additions.

At this point I had intended to string him up but I changed my mind and stuck him on a card with some foam tape to lift him a little and give him the elevated position he deserves. A bit of text later and there we have it, a cheery, chirpy birthday card for my beloved god mum!

*This is my favourite crafty mag I've bought by far - ever! But I do love paper & have always loved paper...it's quite steep at £7:99 but, truly, it is more of a large paperback book - so many beautiful projects to try. Not much in the way of non-girly/flowery designs but...you could apply the knowledge learned, to your own ideas & schemes. I plan on trying out many more of the projects in my play time...pretty pom poms & bunting for a party perhaps? I luffs it & have been found stroking the cover before now.

Thanks for popping by!

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