Friday, 22 March 2013

snow day


a boat load of snow fell overnight so we are all at home today - thankfully I had the good sense to stop on the way back from work yesterday, for essentials such as hot cross buns and a bottle of fizz, so all is not lost ;)

currently the boy is downstairs on the PS3, texting his pals to see what they're doing today and the mister is still snugged up in bed - I foolishly left my alarm set, even though I knew we were going nowhere as George has been off school sick this week. I tried to doze back off but my brain had others ideas - it fired into action, shooting images of all the things I could make and draw like a slideshow of handmade colour bursts and that was me sold! Here I am in my little room (hovel) drawing, blogging, supping tea and planning. I love planning and plotting...two of my all time favourite things to do.

I've been playing with ink and watercolours recently

I have a wonderful commission to get on with, for an equally wonderful friend...some whimsical Easter decoration ideas and I quite fancy making a few more of these darling little chicks from the Myrtle & Eunice tutorial...they are so utterly dinky, and perfect for keeping your hands busy whilst your eyes oggle the tellybox - you should really give them a go!

tutorial is here


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