Friday, 1 February 2013

starting as I mean to go on


Today I'm starting this new month as I intend to go on - getting organised & tackling jobs rather that putting them to one side in the hope that they'll wander off (they never do).
So after two hours clearing emails & unsubscribing to the countless sites I seem to have subscribed to over the years, it's brew & biccies time!!!
Next follows he even worse job of pulling them through to our pc and archiving where relevant, reading & deleting where not. Oh, and clearing out the archived items too.
A pretty crappy job but I'll feel so very smug when it's done!
How are you starting your new month?


  1. Good plan! I'm mending some clothes today. One dress that had several holes is now fit to wear again and next are some replacement buttons on a different dress and shortening a skirt :)