Friday, 10 February 2012


Some days I walk into my little workroom, plonk down my cuppa, pull up a chair, switch on the laptop and then stop. And think "why?".

   am I sitting here alone?
   do I spend my time making things & photographing & listing & promoting?
   am I not reading my book, or a magazine or watching the telly?
   am I using up all of this time in the vain hope that my products will sell?
   am I not out walking in the countryside?
   am I not cracking on with household jobs & chores?
   am I not meeting up with a friend for coffee?
   am I sat here wondering why?

Away from my room I make great plans - I schedule time for emails/making orders/designing/researching/editing photos/listing/promoting. I draw up timetables and print them out. I scribble down flashes of inspiration on scrap paper. I get all jazzed up with enthusiasm and write copious notes and plans and ideas in my notebook.

And then I walk in here and this happens. All impetus abandons me...all my "yes, this is what I should be doing" goes *poof*...and all of my plans just seem kind of silly.

SO the question is...why am I unable to maintain the motivation and the excitement, and how do I rectify it?

To be continued...



  1. Oh dear. I call it 'Nuss'. For me it's not sad'nuss' or angry'nuss' or tired'nuss'... it's that kind of 'nuss' I can't quite explain and I think it comes with the territory when you are doing this kind of thing!
    I'm sure it will get better... you'll have a big flurry of productivity and sales and all will seem right again! You should definitely keep at it as your work is so beautiful!! xx

  2. hi Nikki! I like your 'nuss' very much :)
    thank you for the lovely words and compliment...I will keep at it, but I will be hunting down ways of keeping up the motivation and desire! I think a lot of it is due to the whole working alone thing, and especially at home when you can see all the jobs that need doing around you. xx

  3. Motivation comes and goes with me. Sometimes I'm desperate to crack on with new things or just things and sometimes I know I'm just going to curl up and watch Homes Under the Hammer! When I'm not motivated I tend to do the boring and repetitive jobs like making business cards or the mini notebooks that I give away free with orders. That way I'm not doing 'nothing' and it gives my mind free reign to wander. I'm not very good at organising my time either - something I need to work on for sure!

  4. its ok to have those fed up Moments it happens to most people. Those of us who work in offices sit at our desks and wonder why we are not doing all of those lovely things. its just a block and you will get through it.

  5. That's a really good plan Swirlyarts...I may get my thank you cards and address labels printed ready for a cutting out session the next time I find myself 'why-ing' ;)
    Hi Saphy! it's when I'm in the office doing my paid for job that I find I'm most energised about DitsyBird...there is something about knowing that you're there for the day, there's nothing you can do about it, so you may as well crack on - it just renews my birdie vigour ;) Often when I'm up to my neck in it, that's when the designs *pop* into my head & have to be scribbled on the nearest scrap of paper.
    Perhaps it's the action of leaving the house (& all that's in it behind) to go to work that enables me to switch entirely into work mode. I also do think that there is a big difference between being paid to do a job (& the consequences that follow should you fail to do so) & sitting alone ostensibly working for myself as regards to motivation. I always sort of think that I should be doing something else instead...something useful & important (not that my work isn't but it's only really important to me - if you see what I mean)
    thanks for your comments - it's SO good to be able to chat things over x

  6. oh boy, have you been watching me, today or what?!
    I think we all have those moments, some weeks I have loads, other weeks hardly any. All your why questions plague me at those 'nuss' times, too.

    waiting for the answer... :)

  7. Perhaps make your craft room more 'work' like and your routine in the morning a work routine. So putting on smart but comfortable clothes, get yourself ready for the day like you would if leaving to go to work, plan your scheduled breaks and lunch times, when when you go to 'work' you go in and shut the door from your home life and start work. x

  8. Creativity is something that flows, not something that can be forced. Love the 'nuss' too ;) Whenever I find myself stuck or not in the zone, I take a break and go off and do something else. I take it as a sign that I need to take care of myself in some way. And I trust that the flow will come back in its own time. And guess what?! It always does!!

  9. thanks to everyone for commenting on this post here, on FB and on Twitter! it definitely struck chords far and wide