Monday, 21 November 2011

London day trip

Mum & I had to go to London on Friday for her regular consultation with her Oncologist so we decided to make the most of it this time, and have a wander around our capital city.

The day got off to a flying start thanks to the kindness of friends who gave us First Class rail tickets for our journey - you know who you are and thank you will never seem enough for giving Mum a reason to look forward to the trip - woohoo, get us! There's me ma sat in comfort reading trashy mags in the sunshine.

And there's me, opposite, with my usual look at the hair not my face! shot - ooh and one of my beady hair clips.
Free drinks, food and great service made for a most enjoyable journey down, I have to say!

And the surprises didn't end there - queuing for a day ticket at Kings Cross underground station, a (very handsome) chap handed over the day ticket he'd bought as he was 'done for the day'. Huzzah! That almost never happens to Mum or I! Cue big smiles :)
We trogged off to St Barts, met with the ever-cheery Dr Steele, got the best news available...stable, no growth...and headed off into town to celebrate by exploring.

First stop - Mum treated us both to the Degas exhibition at the Royal Academy, being that our travel costs had been minimal thus far...what a treat it was too.
photo from RA website

The focus of the exhibition is Degas' 'preoccupation with movement' and it has to be said, that he had it down to a fine and wondrous art. Dancers in poses that last mere seconds, girls 'disappearing off stage', not to mention the spectral nuns...I've always loved his work but had never fully appreciated what he was trying to achieve until now. It was an education. It was as if someone had pressed pause and, any minute now, the dance would continue - but no, it was merely his skill at showing precious moments in dance and life.
If you are considering going to see the exhibition, I urge you to do so...the sculptures alone are worth it.

 stunning window display with a lit up house

Feeling thoroughly enlightened we headed off into the evening for (lots of) walking and window shopping, grabbing a quick snack, moseying around Oxford and Regents Streets, Anthropology *swoon*, Liberty (boy they know how to price!) & Burlington Arcade - this was like stepping back in beautiful.

living wall inside Anthropology

After a last minute book purchase which left us in a hurry to catch the 8.05pm train to Leeds, we traveled back tired and achy (with blisters) but happy!

We were given some top tips on ticket purchasing so are hoping that when we go back in Jan, it will again be in style and this time we will have a plan of where and what to see.


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