Tuesday, 18 October 2011

new old designs

I had one of those "d'oh!" moments a couple of months back when a friend mentioned a process she was using for one of her bespoke creations.

you know those "if only I'd thought of that years ago" things that would have saved you trying various lengthy, time consuming, pricing-you-out-of-the-market type methods of using your designs?

I've had these inked and coloured designs on my pc for ages and have never found a quick enough and cost efficient method of using them for anything other than cards

anyhoo...the lightbulb came on, I slapped myself on the forehead (hard) and then got on with what I should have been trying years ago...transfer paper designs

I don't have the funds to get my designs printed, I don't have the expertise to do it myself and I no longer have the time or patience to try and recreate them in paint/fabric/felt etc

so transfer paper it is - with either hand or freestyle machine stitching to affix the top layer of felt to the bottom
and a little beading here and there where needed (or where I fancy)

so there you have it...or them...my new/old birthday badges, Christmas brooches & Christmas decorations.

What do you think?
I've already started doodling up some new ones too!
Have you had any kick yourself moments lately - go on, do share it'll help make me feel less of a muppet ;)

you can find some of the designs in my Etsy shop
and I will be adding them to my own website soon

1 comment:

  1. That is so funny! I love the mistletoe designs!
    I have lightbulb moments regularly - the most obvious one was a few years back when I 'discovered' how to put lining in a purse by machine. It seems so blatantly obvious now but aLL my early designs were pain-stakingly hand-stitched. Muppet indeed! I feel that we are in good company!
    My lightbulb moments usually involve technology though - only discovered how to delete bulk emails on my Mac....yesterday. #DOH