Friday, 29 July 2011

A day trip to Clitheroe Part I


I took Mum & George out for the day today - a day of being more tourists. So off we set in the sunshine along the A59 to Clitheroe over t'other side of the border (& the entirely wrong colour rose) into Lancashire.

First stop - The Emporium! (of course!)

This is a favourite haunt of mine (though I don't get there nearly as often as I'd like ...every weekend would be good, no?!?!)...a converted Methodist chapel which is lavishly filled with dark wood tables and chairs, big squishy sofas, over-sized mirrors and huge globe lights. Oh, and the fretwork frame around the mirror behind the bar even had George awestruck there for a while!

A pot of tea for her, a massive whipped cream hot chocolate for him, and for me? Why, it was the strong dark hit of an Americano to give me the oomph to hit the town!

And off we went on our merry way, moseying about, oohing over buttons and ribbon, delighting over charity shop finds (more about this another time - delighted I was! Yoda, I sound like) and spending longer than is indeed proper in a butcher's shop! No ordinary butcher's mind you, but Cowmans with their award winning sausages and my, oh my, so much choice!
We went with - Pork, Stilton & Port; Moroccan Lamb and Hot & Spicy aswell as...Garlic Butter Chicken Thighs, Cajun Chicken Thighs and Lamb Kebabs. A veritable meat feast!

Then it was a leisurely climb up to pay Clitheroe Castle a visit - stunning views

and some beautiful old buildings...

and time for a photo opportunity with my ma and my boy

[what is it with boys and either cheesy grins or crazy face pulling]
then it was back to the Emporium for a delicious lunch and a lazy, scenic drive home in the glorious sunshine.

Oh happy, happy day!

(oh and then the internet and my laptop were playing silly beggars and it's taken my around 2-3 hours to actually post this...hey ho, at least I posted tho aye?! x)


  1. Sounds like a lovely day that you will all remember! Nice to see someone else appreciating life in that way!

    But what did you get from the charity shop!?!?


  2. What lovely pictures and lovely family memories in the making x