Sunday, 6 March 2011

5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1...

...we have blast off, my fledgling has taken it's first flight - is GO!!!

Yay! My new website is up and running!

This is me, taking a virtual magnum of champagne & cracking it on the site's mythical bow - oh happy maiden voyage day.

Now, I was going to wait until I re-photographed & listed everything that I've made & have boxed up in my studio - but that would have taken yonks & I'm too impatient. So...I've gone with my 'new for 2011' idea of just do it, and I have just done it!
Whilst you may not find all of my existing designs & creations in the shop at the mo, (they will be added as time allows) there are new items, such as...

To celebrate, I am offering a week long discount of 20% off everything on the site, with the use of WEAREGO! discount code at checkout.

In conjunction with the launch, I'm also doing a giveaway here on my lovely blog! 

One of my teeny teapot brooches could be yours - and there are a number of ways of doing this...

• tweet (with my @ditsybirddesign twitter moniker in the tweet so I can keep a tally)
• or do a post/mention about my launch on your blog 
• or Facebook post/mention about my launch
• follow my blog
• follow me on twitter
• like my Facebook page

When you've chosen and executed your method of entry, if you could post a comment below, saying which of these lovely things you've done (with a link to it where poss) that would be utterly marvellous!
~It's so much easier for my addled brain to keep a track & a tally if it's all in one nice neat corner of the web for me to monitor~

The discount and the giveaway will run until midnight on Saturday 12 March so that I can announce the winner of the giveaway on Sunday 13th March - my 40th birthday!!!! 

So please, grab a cuppa & bob along to my new nest of handmade delights & peruse the virtual aisles.

If you spot any typos or errors/problems (I'm bound to have missed something!) do please let me know :)



  1. Ello! :~}

    I've followed you on twitter & fb & RTd! Lovely thaaangs!! x

  2. Ooooh how jolly exciting- wishing you the best of luck with your lovely business. I'm now following your blog and have retweeted your tweet about this (which I saw through Marth Moopette's RT) xx

  3. I now follow you on blogger and twitter, thanks to the retweet by Mother of Purl.

  4. yay, we have participants :)
    thanks for joining in folks!

  5. All looks brilliant! Love the work you do, especially the beading, I dont have the patience for it!
    Thanks for entering my giveaway x

  6. Love the brooches! Following on twitter (@lannb28), following your blog and I've tweeted!