Friday, 25 February 2011

Did you know?

Just back from the docs with another course of anti-biotics & a wee bit of light at the end of the tunnel. The doctor I saw (who was really lovely & didn't bat an eyelid as I sat there weeping...I love her!) explained what she thinks is happening.   Apparently, it's all a big cycle: You have a bad Winter where you seem to catch everything going, & in doing so, you build up your antibodies. Then you spend the next few years relatively lurgy free. Then you have another bad Winter as your antibodies have depleted & you're less immune to the bugs & viruses doing the rounds. And so on & so on. So it seems as though we're all on antibody collection duties this Winter! Here's to the onset of Spring & 'next few years' lurgy free *cheers*


  1. That makes perfect sense, I've had a couple of easy winters after a killer one in 2008 (vomiting bug TWICE, flu, chest infection, secondary chest infection etc etc etc)... so I guess Winter 2011 could be awful, yikes!
    Here's to Spring!

  2. Goodness me at least it will kind of be worth it I guess but almost everyone I know has been ill for months it seems !

  3. Oh no, poor you. We're having a similar time, so fingers crossed we can have a bit of peace once our antibodies build up enough because the back-to-back flu and colds are rather getting to me now. Hope you feel a lot better soon, Love Thy Neighbour starts on Wednesday so you can have a good laugh watching that, should cheer you up! Bethx

  4. thanks for the comments ladies & soz for the tardy 'ta!' - having grrr problems with our fine on iPhones but has a tendency to disconnect on the pc...properly RAHHH inducing!
    anyhoo, I'm on for the time being and wanted to say a big thanks and to wish you all a happy and healthy Spring, for it is nigh! :) x